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La Phyto® has been in existance for more than  40 years. It is a unique form of aesthetic intervention which traces its roots and originality back to the ancestral precepts of Chinese medicine and oriental aromatherapy.

The inspirational source of La Phyto® products is to be found in nature, in its treasure trove of energy: plants (in the form of essential oils and extracts), cereals, trace elements, algae and clays of various colours are present in a line of products for your face, body or scalp, all with one objective in mind - your well-being.

This is a curative method which acts directly on the source of any aesthetic problems so as to prevent their recurrence. It also works preventively by acting on the potential weaknesses of the organism which are the cause of various forms of aesthetic blemishes and ageing of the skin.

The essence of its philosophy is that every human being is unique, as is the relevant aesthetic treatment...

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