Chinese energy seasons

Spring is the ideal season to oxygenate, purify, soothe and stimulate energy with a light ritual that is also suitable for young skin for its powdery and matte effect. The body is not forgotten with a body wrap treatment adapted to this season.

In the summer-time a moment of heat and emerging energy, soothing, refreshing and re-mineralizing treatments are essential. Surrounding yourself with a refreshing and restoring veil is essential to maintain your skin’s balance.

Autumn is the perfect season for allowing oneself a comfort break. It is the season to relax, breathe deeply and oxygenate all our skin cells in order to regain a silky, toned skin. It is the season when anti-ageing treatments are most effective.

In winter, heat and moisture are the key words to recharge deeply. Protecting skin from the cold and sagging is crucial to find an equilibrium...

The inter-season periods, which last for about 18 days, are the ideal time for getting rid of toxins from the previous season and to prepare for the next.

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